Who We Are?

Itechsoft Ltd is a London based IT company aimed at providing E-Commerce mobile technology and outsourcing solutions for small and medium sized businesses in various industry sectors. We are global leader in strategic technical solutions. All-in-one partner providing innovative end-to-end business solutions to companies around the world.

Itechsoft is a company born with a vision to serve its clients with a unique blend of business solutions and services. We help our clients improve efficiency, profitability and build a lasting competitive advantage.

Clients also benefit from our unique structure. Our “virtual office” keeps project teams connected, while enabling a level of client involvement that would be impossible without online tools. Clients are involved in projects every step of the way. Because everything is written down, there’s no hearsay or fuzziness regarding the status of tasks.

It’s been well documented that the key factor in successful software projects is the talent of individual team members. In fact, the difference between an “average” and “outstanding” developer’s productivity can be a factor of ten.

Itechsoft attracts the best-in-the-field in United Kingdom by offering a full range of software environment. Everyone knows programming is hard, but few non-programmers recognise the negative effects of traditional office environments on the development process. The intense concentration required to do inspired work on difficult programming tasks is easier to achieve in a flexible environment that is free from office distractions. Our staff turnover rate is far lower than the industry average, and we have our pick of the best talent available.

We Make Technology Simpler

Our Skills
IT Solutions 82%
Web Design and Development 78%
Business Services 72%
Outsourcing Support 64%
Research and Development 52%

CEO's Message

An established IT services and solutions company, we focus on leveraging new and innovative technologies to solve today's biggest business challenges. At ITechsoft, we are passionate in our approach to make business simple and effective.

Director's Message

In today's competitive market, simplicity is not just wishful thinking; it is a must for companies who want a competitive edge. We understand this. Since inception of ITechsoft, we have lived and breathed one key phrase - "We Make Technology Simple"


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